US passenger cops $150 fine on Frontier airline even though bag fit size checker

A man has posted a warning over carry-on luggage size after he saw a passenger charged $US100 ($A150), even though his bag fit in the size checker.

In a video on TikTok, the man who posts as @cubsracingsociety, said on a recent flight with US-based budget airline Frontier, all passengers’ bags were checked, with the carrier handing out fines to anyone whose bag didn’t fit, The Sun reports.

“Frontier is checking everyone’s bags to make sure they fit in the little box,” he said.

“If it doesn’t fit, then you have to pay $US100 ($A150).

“It’s dumb because you’re going to carry the bag on the plane anyway, you just have to pay if it’s a few inches bigger.”

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The man then showed a fellow passenger putting his bag into the size checker, only for him to then be fined when airline staff said he had “shoved” his luggage into the compartment.

The same passenger was also asked to apologise to staff members for arguing his point, according to the TikToker.

He said: “This guy barely used any force at all and he was still forced to pay $US100 ($A150) and give an apology to the gate agent.”

The video contained footage showing the passenger being asked to apologise by a staff member who claimed he had “embarrassed” the check-in agent.

Viewers were shocked by the footage, saying the fine seemed ridiculous, especially for the person in the video.

One said: “If I have to pay $US100 ($A150) at the gate I might as well have just paid that to another airline to bring a full suitcase and actually be comfortable in [the] air.”

Another wrote: “They’ve gotten really picky about this recently. It’s just a ridiculous money grab.”

It’s not the first time passengers have been angered by hand luggage allowances in America.

Skateboarder Shaun Hover was checking in for his flight, when he was told he would have to pay $US89 ($A134) for his board as it didn’t technically fit the hand luggage measurements.

Instead of paying the extra money, Shaun broke his board in half, meaning he would then be able to take it on board the flight without any extra expense.

Meanwhile, this easyJet passenger was filmed hilariously trying to fit his bag into the size checker.

This story originally appeared on The Sun and is republished here with permission

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