E-scooter laws: Queensland e-bike rider fined by police

A picture of an e-bike rider being fined by four police officers has sparked debate over whether Australia has become a nanny state.

The cyclist was stopped by four cops as they travelled along a footbridge in Brisbane.

A new law in Queensland requires e-scooter and e-bike users to stay under 12km/h on walkways.

Those who break the rule, which was introduced this month, can be fined up to $575 for speeding, with the penalty rising to as much as $1,078 if police deem it dangerous driving.

Commenters were divided over the police’s actions.

“Typical nanny state, money grabbing racket,” one person wrote.

“Just what we need. Four cops on a bridge protecting civilians from scooterists,” another said.

But others said they were glad to see the police clamping down on e-scooter riders.

“Fantastic! This year alone I missed being hit by the skin of my teeth twice,” one said.

While another person said: “Good. Slow down. Those things are dangerous.”

The new Queensland law, brought in on November 1, also say e-scooters and e-bikes can be used in road bike lanes where the speed limit is below 50km/h or it is separated from the road.

Riders must obey road laws, wear a helmet and have a bell attached when on the road

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