Parent slammed for letting girl jump on tray table mid-flight

A passenger was left stunned after parents let their kids run wild during a long-haul flight.

In a video posted on Reddit, it was titled: “Letting children run wild during an 8 hour flight”.

It isn’t clear where the passenger was travelling to or from but they videoed some of the bad behaviour, The Sun reports.

In the video, a kid was caught jumping up and down on the extended tray table with their bare feet.

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The passenger in front is then jolted back and forward by her jumping.

Thousands of people have commented on the video, with many stunned by the child’s act.

One person wrote: “I would feel like a failed parent if my kids were doing this and I was just straight up allowing it.”

Another agreed: “My only kid is a tornado and NO F****** WAY would I allow her to behave this way in public, let alone on a flight.”

One person who said they were a frequent flyer gave his own advice.

He said: “Ask politely once. Beyond that, don’t engage, call over the flight attendant.

“They will ask them to stop, and if they refuse they’ll usually move you to an upgraded seat if available.

A flight attendant also chimed in, saying: “One trick we always tried first when I was an [flight attendant] was to ask the captain to put on the fasten seat belt sign, and make an announcement that everyone MUST be in their seats with their seat belt fastened IMMEDIATELY.”

A different traveller recently shared his experience after a child screamed for the entire 29-hour flight.

Henry Beasley, a musician from New Zealand, decided to record his facial reactions to the crying and screaming baby

This story originally appeared on The Sun and is republished here with permission

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