Inside Virgin Australia’s secret lounge for crew members

A flight attendant has revealed the secret lounge that crew can use between flights – and it has lots of amazing perks.

Perth woman Sarah Goodwin is a flight attendant for Virgin Australia and has lifted the lid on the hidden staff sanctuary.

Inside the crew room are vending machines which have spare stockings in case theirs snag, although she said they do have to pay for them, The Sun reports.

There is also free unlimited tea and coffee – something needed when trying to fight off jet lag.

Sarah also revealed there are “showers to freshen up if you need” as well as a “giant mirror” so crew can get ready before their flight.

And one of the best perks? A resting area for when they need to nap without disruption.

She said in her TikTok video, which has since been removed: “The napping area is my fave.”

The room also has a departure board that displays passenger numbers so crew can keep track of flights.

Sarah previously revealed why crew look at your boarding pass when you get on the plane, and it isn’t to get you to your seat.

She explained: “When we’re looking at your boarding passes, we are not looking for your seat number.

“We are actually looking for the destination, your flight number and the date.”

She added that she sometimes has to call back holiday-makers who speed past flight attendants.

Sarah said: “Yes, sometimes I will say, ‘This is where you’re seated,’ but I do that because people are always like, ‘Where am I sitting?’”

And while people getting on the wrong flight is uncommon, she says it “can happen”.

This story originally appeared on The Sun and is republished here with permission

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