Woman searched 30 mins at airport due to charity suitcase linked to explosives

A woman has warned travellers to be mindful when purchasing suitcases from a charity shop after her daughter’s bag tested positive for explosives.

The mum took to TikTok explaining that while on their way to Istanbul, Turkey, her daughter was stopped by security and her bag checked.

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“My daughter gets stopped and scanned as the case has evidence of explosive products for making bombs which resulted in a 30-minute search and investigation,” she said in the clip.

The shocked woman warned travellers about buying a suitcase from a second-hand store before saying “thankfully” her daughter made it past security following the investigation and into Istanbul.

“I was trying to laugh it off but I was worried,” the mum said.

Her clip has been viewed 383,000 times with fellow TikTok users also sharing similar experiences.

“This happened to me with my daughter’s pram handles! Turns out it’s what’s used to keep them in storage,” one woman wrote.

Another mum said her daughter was detained for the same reasons.

“It worked out to be traces of fertiliser on her body,” she continued.

“I had the same when I used my lad’s old rucksack which he had used to carry fireworks,” another traveller wrote, while a third added: “I copped the same thing coming into Sydney from Bali.”

One woman said her hand luggage also showed evidence of explosives but it turned out to be the acrylic from her nails.

“Sometimes it can just be certain products that’s been kept in the suitcase like acetone, nail polish or even certain cleaning products,” another person added.

Others advised to only use new suitcases – or thoroughly wash the bag if it is second-hand.

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