British expat reveals three ‘weird things’ hates about Australia

A British woman has revealed the three “weird things” she doesn’t like about Australia.

Jordana Grace, who lives in Queensland, shared on Instagram her odd discoveries about the country.

“Things they should tell you before coming to Australia … the three weird things I just don’t like,” she said in the clip.

“Number one: The traffic light system. In the UK it’s quite a gentle system.

“It’s red, flashing amber and green to give you enough time to get into gear to go.”

The expat explained there is “no gentleness” with the traffic light system in Australia and the rush of changing lights makes her stressed.

“It’s just red, green GO!!!,” she said.

“I’m there first at the red light and before I even got into gear, people behind me are like THE LIGHTS GREEN GO!!!”

“I don’t like it. It stresses me out.”

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Another observation was there are no toilets at cafes.

“Number two: there are no loos at cafes,” she said.

“Not including the big cities on this but most cafes I know around the Sunshine Coast don’t have their own toilet.

“The cafes in the local area all share the same toilet and if you need to use it, you have to get a key but not just a key.

“Actually some shovel like thing that everyone knows where you’re going when you’re holding the shovel.”

The social media star said the third thing she hated about Australia was cafes close in the afternoon.

“They all seem to close like midday,” she said.

“What do you want me to do in the afternoon? Socialise and meet new people? How dare you?”

Regardless of her dislikes about the country, the Brit said she “still loves Australia” and asked her viewers to “forgive” her.

Jordana’s post has attracted 217,000 views, with many agreeing with her observations.

“I must admit you make some good points haha,” one user wrote.

“Your complaints are valid,” a second person said.

“She’s got a point x3,” a third said.

A fourth person suggested that Jordana should come to Melbourne.

“The coffee is better & we have cafe toilets and they’re open all day 🤷‍♀️😂,” they said.

This is not the first time Jordana has poked fun at her discoveries since living Down Under.

Back in July, the UK expat shared her “confusion” over the different types of milk in Aussie supermarkets. She explained there are only three types of milk in the UK.

“We have a pretty simple colour coded system,” ” she said in her TikTok video.

“Blue lid is full fat, green is semi-skimmed and red is skimmed milk – pretty easy, dabby dozy, lemon squeezy.”

Jordana pointed out that in Australia the colour coded system is completely different.

“The dark blue is full fat but “light blue” is light,” she said.

“Pink milk is skim – not to be confused with Trim [low fat] red milk. Aren’t they the same?”

“And then there’s a purple for lactose free which can also be green … and don’t forget yellow which is reduced fat but it’s different from light, skim and Trim.

“Then you have grey, which is cold pressed … how do you press a cow?

“I don’t even know what the black ones are for. And then gold is homogenised.”

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