Dad Warren Tansey confronts son over raunchy discovery on iPad

A UK dad has shared his son’s hilarious reaction to being busted over an inappropriate video that had been downloaded on his iPad.

Warren Tansey, of Greater Manchester, filmed the moment he confronted his six-year-old son Acer for downloading the clip of a woman in a “bunny girl” outfit demonstrating the “stop, drop and roll” move in a risque manner.

The woman in the clip wore micro-shorts, crop top and bunny ears, New York Post reports.

In the now-viral Twitter clip, the former British middleweight boxer was heard laughing as his son attempted to explain how the video came to be on his device.

“When I first saw [the video] I found it hilarious. It’s not too rude – but it’s definitely on the borderline,” Tansey told Kennedy News.

“While I was with him, I thought I’d put it on to catch him out and interrogate him a bit. His reaction was really funny.”

Instead of punishing his curious kid, the dad chose to embarrass him on camera instead, giving Acer the opportunity to come clean on his own.

“You’ve got that on your iPad,” he says to Acer.

“I didn’t do it,” his son replies.

“Yeah you did, mate,” Tansey says back, laughing. “It’s on your iPad, mate.”

His son then tries a different approach.

“Daddy, it just came up,” he says.

“Did it. Oh right, so you just saved it anyway,” the dad says, prompting his son to laugh.

Tansey, 40, shared the clip “for a laugh” – and now his cheeky son has racked up nearly 50,000 views.

“He tried to get out of it by saying he couldn’t have filmed it, he’s definitely mature beyond his years,” the dad-of-two said.

Eagle-eyed Tansey had spotted the clip two days prior to confronting Acer.

Commenters loved the relatable parenting moment.

“What a belter kid he is!” one person commented.

“Legend,” someone else simply stated.

This story originally appeared on the New York Post and reproduced with permission

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