David Jones slammed over move to charge for photos with Santa

David Jones in Adelaide has been slammed for a new move that really isn’t feeding the Christmas cheer.

The department store will now be charging parents for their kids to take a photograph with the resident Santa Claus at the Central Plaza store.

For the first time in 126 years, the Magic Cave requires a booking, meaning families will be turned away if they can’t present proof of payment.

Two 4×6 images now cost $24.95, with a pricier option called “Santa’s Gift Pack” costing $49.95.

The move to charge families has sparked outrage on social media, with several locals accusing David Jones of being a “grinch”.

“[That is] just plain mean,” one person wrote.

“Pure greedy,” said another. “Boycott David Jones and go to your suburban Santas.”

“Tis the season to make money any way you can,” someone else said.

“Yeah thought that was weird when I booked in a week ago and it was forcing [me] to choose a photo package,” another said.

“Not a big deal considering I want to share the photos, however hardly in the spirit. Terrible PR upcoming. Massive miss.”

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