Apple offers a deep dive into the Watch Ultra’s premiere diving app, Oceanic Plus

Starting today, Apple Watch Ultra owners can download the tech giant’s new diving app Oceanic Plus to turn its newest wearable into a recreational dive computer.

The Watch Ultra already has the Depth app, which can tell you the depth and the temperature of the water. Oceanic Plus (opens in new tab) displays the same information, but if you want to take diving more seriously, you’ll need something more. The app houses a no-decompression timer to set limits on how deep you can dive and for how long so users don’t suffer from decompression sickness. Its user interface (UI) displays brightly color-coded indicators to let you know when it’s okay to dive deeper, stop, or slow down. It appears the UI was a key focus for the developers as typical dive computers can be tough to understand, especially for newcomers. 

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