Rebel Wilson slammed for lack of size inclusivity for RandR fashion brand

Rebel Wilson is copping criticism from fans after launching a new clothing line that has been accused of having a “lack of size inclusivity”.

The Australian actress recently launched R&R Club, a loungewear fashion brand, with her partner Ramona Agruma.

But fans of the Hollywood star have been quick to call out its sizing as the first collection, a cream hoodie and matching tracksuit bottoms, are only available in sizes XS, S, M, and L/XL.

While the website doesn’t state exactly what sizes those equate to, an XS commonly equates to a size 6 at other retailers, while a L/XL would be approximately a 12-14.

The average dress size of a woman in Australia is between 14-16, according to ABS data.

Rebel herself was formerly “plus size” before embarking on her “year of health” in 2020 which saw her lose more than 30kgs.

As a result, fans have been left “bitterly disappointed”, with many taking to social media to slam the Pitch Perfect star.

In a video captioned “can we talk about the lack of size inclusivity in Rebel Wilson’s brand”, one woman said she was “confused” by the move.

“I don’t understand how someone who was plus size for the majority of her career and majority of her life, as someone who knows how hard it is to be fat and to shop for clothing and actually find it in your size…” TikTok user @itsyourdest said.

“I don’t understand how someone with that background, that knowledge, could release a brand that only goes up to an XL.

“People’s biggest argument for this is always, ‘oh it’s so expensive to have so many size ranges,’ but it’s Rebel Wilson. She’s got money.”

The video, shared on Sunday, quickly garnered attention with many agreeing it was “ridiculous”.

“It’s so disappointing when you see something you love and are so excited and they do not offer in my size,” one commented.

“Whatttttt OMG that’s so surprising,” another weighed in.

As another said: “Wow. I’m disappointed in her. she knew how this felt.”

“Out of all the people I thought she would have bigger sizes since she was bigger then a XL back in the day so disappointed in her,” another raged.

“WOW. I cannot believe she would do that. So sad,” someone else chipped in.

One fan even said: “What?!?! She should be ashamed of herself.”

It wasn’t just the apparent lack of size inclusion Rebel was called out for, with others noting how expensive the products were.

The hoodie, which features a purple R&R Club logo on it, is priced at $A271 while the matching track pants retail for $A228, bringing the cost of buying the whole tracksuit to $A499.

“The prices are also ridiculous,” one stated.

“It’s so expensive too,” another agreed.

Fans of the star have also been flooding her social media posts to call out the move, though Rebel has yet to comment.

“Imagine once being a plus size gal – then bringing out a clothing range that isn’t size inclusive,” one said on an Instagram photo of her with Ramona in the trackies.

“How’s your lack of inclusive sizing? Weak effort,” another lamented.

“Expensive and not size inclusive. An easy pass thanks,” one declared.

“So disappointing that a formerly big bodied celebrity, who once had a plus size clothing line, is now peddling small size exclusive leisure wear at absurd mark-ups,” one former fan said.

“Way to toss out all the large body fans who boosted your early career. Ouch Rebel, ouch.”

Others labelled the situation “absurd” and accused the star of “losing touch”.

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