Starship Troopers is the perfect setting for this new sci-fi co-op shooter

Excellent news, citizen: developer Offworld Industries have announced a brand new cooperative FPS based in the dystopian sci-fi setting of Starship Troopers, made famous by the 1997 cult-classic Paul Verhoeven film by the same name. 

Due to go into early access in 2023 for PC, Starship Troopers: Extermination promises a 12-player co-op experience where squads of grunts will take on hordes of bugs in large-scale, objective-oriented battles. Judging from the gameplay trailer, you can expect to use a wide variety of weapons and base-building mechanics to keep humanity safe from the insectoid threat. It’s basically Fortnite, Left 4 Dead, and dastardly alien bugs all rolled into one.

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