Australia’s bad driving habits exposed in new study

One in five young Australian drivers has admitted to dangerous and illegal behaviour behind the wheel.

A new study by Budget Direct has shed a disturbing light on the bad habits of motorists on our roads.

It showed 20 per cent of drivers aged between 18 and 35 felt comfortable using their phone while driving.

Worryingly almost twice as many drivers thought using your phone behind the wheel was acceptable in certain situations.

The Queensland government says using your phone while driving is just as dangerous as drink driving.

More than 1200 people are injured on Queensland roads each year due to distracted driving and 25 lives are lost each year due to the same cause.

The NSW Centre for Road Safety says a car going 60km/h will travel more than 33 metres in two seconds, meaning you are driving blind during that time.

It also suggests that taking your eyes off the road doubles the risk of a crash.

Even if you avoid an accident there are big consequences.

Drivers caught using their mobile phone while driving are hit with some of the harshest fines on offer.

Queensland and Western Australian road users are stung $1000 and four demerit points if caught.

NSW drivers are hit with a huge five demerit points and a $349 fine. During double demerit periods motorists can wipe out nearly all their points if caught.

Victorian offenders are hit with a $496 fine and four demerit points.

All other states and territories lose three demerit points and fines ranging from $344 in Tasmania to $544 in South Australia.

The research also shows some other concerning habits of Australian drivers.

Those surveyed admitted to other distracting behaviours such as applying make-up, styling hair and even changing clothes on the move.

This is on top of other more widespread distracting behaviours such as drinking or eating while driving, vaping or smoking and reading maps or setting up satnav.

None of these acts are themselves an offence but you can fall foul of the “Drive without proper control of vehicle”, which comes with a hefty fine and loss of demerit points.

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