Craigieburn, Melbourne: Strange road rage mocked

A driver has been mocked after video of a firey road rage incident at a busy carpark in a Melbourne shopping centre went viral.

A Volkswagen driver is seen hopping out of his car and slamming his door to confront an older man at Craigieburn Central shopping centre car park.

He then is seen jumping up and down in anger while getting in the face of the older man, who keeps his cool during the encounter.

Despite the younger driver screaming in his face, he keeps his hands in his pockets, refusing to let the taunts and challenges faze him.

The angry driver then storms back to his car before firing off more abuse and driving away.

TikTok users have mocked the Volkswagen Golf driver’s antics, with many saying he looked more like a dancer than a fighter

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a butterfly,” one said.

“Why is the dude just clucking around like a chicken? Looks like some kind of mating dance a bird would do that you would see on animal planet” one viewer said.

“The other guy is so lucky the driver was being held back,” another user joked.

Some praised the actions of the older driver, who refrained from also becoming violent.

“The reason why the young fellow isn’t attacking the old man is because the old man is so calm,” one commented.

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