Fidel Gunes: Man charged with murdering Shane Bowden admits to traffic fine lies

A man accused of taking part in the murder of notorious bikie Shane Bowden made up fake identities to get out of paying traffic infringements, lying to authorities for years, a court has been told.

Fidel Gunes engaged in “systematic dishonesty” to avoid paying the price for his traffic infringements when he nominated, or helped nominate, fake identities to receive the fines.

Many of the false declarations occurred while Gunes, 30, was on bail for receiving tainted property – revealed to be heavy transport vehicles he had no legal right to possess.

Crown prosecutor Sinead Butler said Mr Gunes also threatened violence against an employee who tried to get a trailer – worth up to $55,000 – back with the help of police.

The court heard Gunes was also still separately on remand, charged with the alleged murder of Mr Bowden in 2020.

Gunes pleaded guilty to 14 counts of making false declarations, along with charges of receiving tainted property, possessing weapons, attempted fraud and threatening violence.

Brisbane District Court was told each of the false declarations related to Gunes submitting statutory declarations when infringements were issued to either himself or his company.

Ms Butler said Gunes nominated fictitious people as the drivers to get out of paying the fines.

In some of them, he assisted another person in making or signing the false declarations.

“It can be readily inferred this was to avoid (losing) demerits or financial penalties,” Ms Butler said.

Gunes’ tainted property charge related to him illegally receiving several heavy transport vehicles which did not belong to him. One truck was worth $80,000.

They were located at his business’ holding yard in December 2017 but Gunes falsely claimed they belonged to him.

Ms Butler said police also found a shipping container which contained various prohibited rifles and pistols.

In 2018, a trailer worth $55,000 was stolen from a logistics company – later advertised for sale on Gumtree by Gunes.

When an employee attempted to get it back with the help of police, Gunes made a threatening gesture to another worker and told the complainant: “I’ll get you”.

The court was told Gunes received a suspended sentence for later assaulting that same employee.

In considering his sentence, District Court Judge Paul Smith noted Gunes’ business was experiencing financial difficulties when he received the fines.

Defence barrister Martin Longhurst said a traffic infringement for a company was five times’ more than an individual one.

Mr Longhurst said his client had nominated addresses owned by him on the declarations with the intention of paying one whole individual fine.

“It was a financial decision as opposed to a more craven plot,” he said.

Gunes had struggled in custody due to jail arrangements and lockdowns, not being able to see his children for 19 months, Mr Longhurst said.

Judge Smith imposed a head sentence of four years’ jail but made Gunes immediately eligible for parole.

Gunes is one of 10 people accused of taking part in the murder of former Mongols bikie Shane Bowden, who was gunned down at his Pimpama home in 2020.

He remains in custody on remand for that charge.

Gunes has indicated he will contest the murder charge.

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