US fitness influencer sparks outrage with ‘revealing’ gym outfit

A US fitness influencer who loves wearing skin-bearing gym outfits has revealed some claim her activewear is “too revealing”.

Kayla Kaukola posts exercise and fitness content on social media where she has amassed 45,000 followers on TikTok.

In a recent clop, Kayla posted a get ready with me video which showed her first wearing a baggy hoodie and sweatpants before changing into an outfit to go workout.

Her outfit in question was a pair of black high-waisted leggings, a bandeau top, and high socks.

Kayla was clearly happy with it, posing in the mirror with a beaming smile.

However, her outfit – which showed off her chest, arms, and upper torso – quickly garnered attention.

But while some labelled it “the cutest gym girl ever”, others remarked on the strapless top, stating: “I could never.”

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This uncalled for comment prompted Kayla to share a follow-up video responding to her haters and addressing those who branded her trendy sports bra “too revealing”.

Wearing the same bandeau and gym tights, Kayla wrote: “Gym Karen offended by my bandeau sports bras being too revealing.”

At the same time, a viral audio of someone saying: “Take it off” played, mimicking what people say to Kayla.

Then the audio continued: “I would rather die,” paralleling Kayla’s point of view.

She proceeded to flex her exposed arm muscles in her workout outfit.

But while the fitness fan had lots of support, there were still some who echoed the “Karen” mentality.

“Why not just dress appropriately? Like why is modesty in public no longer a thing. There’s other people sharing the space,” one person asked.

“Not offended just getting second hand embarrassment from it,” another rudely said.

Some joked about the risk factor, asking Kayla questions about the top’s reliability.

“Does it stay in place when you lift? I feel like I’d always have to be adjusting it,” one commented.

“I’d be scared to have something pop out,” another added.

As another remarked: “I don’t care what you wear but honestly how does it keep you supported??”

She mostly received support, with someone writing: “Girl you look hot don’t listen to anyone telling you to wear something else … I’d be in a bikini if I could. I wanna see the muscles work!”

“Let them b**ches be mad, it’s a public space honey go write a yelp review or something about it,” another agreed.

Kayla doesn’t appear to have let it get to her too much, as she has continued to share videos of her training in the gym wearing her bandeau sports bras.

She has also added a sexy one-shoulder strapped version that her followers love.

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