Australia Five Guys review, lash US joint for insane price

An Aussie woman has vowed to never eat at Five Guys again after spending more than $70 for two simple meals at the cult burger chain.

Fashion influencer Danielle Stevens, 20, took to TikTok to call out the US fast food giant after visiting their Penrith store in Sydney’s west in November.

Stevens shared a copy of her receipt, which revealed she forked out $70.60 for two burgers, two servings of chips and two drinks.

The most expensive item was a bacon cheeseburger for $22, while one chocolate milkshake set her back $9.90 and cajun-style fries were $7.90.

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“I will never be going to Five Guys again,” she said.

“It was 70 bucks for two meals, and it wasn’t a gourmet meal.

“Yeah, it was all right but it was definitely not worth $70. Not going back.”

Compared to the original US stores, the same burgers cost between $10.39 to $11.89, while the chips cost between $5.90 to $7.49. Milkshakes are also priced at $5.59, despite being nearly double in Australia.

In the comments, people agreed that the meal was too expensive for a fast food outlet.

“That’s worth like $30 at most lol. The inflation [is] really making businesses rip people off,” one comment read.

“I don’t go there anymore for that reason,” shared another.

“My favourite but yes I agree it’s so overpriced!” read a third comment.

“I was wondering why this is so expensive – this is in Australia! All this is about $40 in the United States,” shared another user.

The popular American burger giant opened their first store in Sydney’s western suburb of Penrith in September 2021. The restaurant is run by Sydney-based hospitality group Seagrass Boutique Hospitality, which also oversees brands including 6Head, Ribs & Burgers, and The Butcher and the Farmer.

It has since opened two additional sites in the Sydney and Melbourne CBDs.

This isn’t the first time pricing complaints have been made about its Australian outpost. In 2021, an online food critic was livid after paying $215 for six burgers, four lots of fries, and three milkshakes.

In a separate video he revealed he was less than impressed with the “very expensive” burger, describing it as on par with Hungry Jacks.

“I cannot justify paying this amount of money for this. I’d go straight to Hungry Jacks,” he said in a video shared this week.

“The honest truth is it is f***ing sh*t.”

He ended his TikTok rant by describing the burger as “slop” and telling Five Guys to “go back to where you came from”. has contacted Five Guys for comment.

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