‘Bride Stealing’: Russian teenager kidnapped after rejecting marriage proposal | Video

A shocking video shows how an 18-year-old woman was allegedly kidnapped by a man and his family after she refused to marry him.

In the chilling clip, Bella Ravoyan is seen being carried out of an apartment block in Tambov, Russia, by two men.

She was allegedly abducted after celebrating her 18th birthday by the man she rejected – named Amik Shamoyan, 20, along with his father, Oganes, 48, and brother Alo, 24 – according to law enforcement.

The woman was taken from her home in a brazen act of “bride stealing” in an attempt to force her to agree to a wedding.

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After several days the woman, who was reported missing by her father, escaped and went to police.

Amik reportedly went to authorities and confessed to the kidnapping, but his father and brother remain at large and are now on Russia’s federal wanted list.

All three face up to 12 years in prison if convicted.

The kidnapping has been portrayed by local media as a medieval “bride stealing” custom, still prevalent in parts of Russia.

However, the exact circumstances remain unclear.

There are also claims that the kidnapped woman is related to the man who wanted to marry her, and who she rejected.

“Amik was in love with this girl, and they kidnapped her,” An acquaintance told Russian newspaper, Gazeta Russia.

“Bella’s father filed a complaint with the police, and she was returned back.

“Amik turned himself in to the police.”

There were claims he wanted his daughter to marry into a wealthier family.

The Russian Investigative Committee added that the alleged kidnapper had been remanded in custody.

“His father and elder brother are on the federal wanted list.”

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