Gladstone, Queensland: Eight-week-old baby dies of sepsis

A baby will “never be forgotten” after tragically passing away at just eight weeks old.

Raevyn Harper lost her battle with sepsis which she contracted after having heart surgery to combat a rare condition.

Parents Storm Petersen and Jarred Harper have spoken of their heartbreaking ordeal.

The pair found out that Raevyn was suffering from rare and complex heart conditions including a transposition of her arteries, a double outlet right ventricle and a large subpulmonary ventricular septal defect.

The new mum and dad spoke of how the joy of becoming first time parents quickly shifted to pain.

“As first time parents our hearts were filled with love and so much joy but I became so fragile to find out about these conditions our girl would have to face.. but each day she grew, so did my ever lasting love did too,” they wrote about her diagnosis.

At just one month old, she was rushed to the emergency ward after not waking up.

“She had an x-ray done on her chest and we were told there was fluid around the heart, lungs and her liver was inflamed. Our daughter was in heart failure,” they said.

She was taken into heart surgery, where after 10 hours her parents were told the operation had been a success.

They said the heart surgeon “explained the surgery was a success which was a relief but that would only be the single good news we were to ever receive from that point forward”.

Shortly afterwards, the little girl’s health took a turn for the worse as doctors discovered a bleed in her lungs.

Just four hour later she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of sepsis, causing failure in many of her organs.

“Due to the low blood flow and the damaging to her tissues, her fingers, hands, feet and toes was black and purple and shrivelling up,” her parents said.

After nearly three weeks of battling health issues, Raevyn “grew her wings and lost her battle with sepsis” on November 19.

“She fought every single day of her precious life and is the bravest and strongest little girl I‘ll ever get to know,” her parents said.

“She was the sunshine who lit up our whole lives but now without her present, her dad and I feel ever so dark and bloomy. She will never be forgotten our Raevyn.”

Her mum and dad have now issued a heartbreaking plea, creating a GoFundMe campaign toward her funeral.

“Please help us give Raevyn, our little ray of Sunshine the send off she truly deserves,” they said on the event.

“No donation is to big or to small as it will go towards our Raevyns Funeral service in Gladstone QLD.”

So far more than $6000 from their $10,000 goal has been issued, with 17 days until her funeral service on December 19.

A link to the campaign can be found here.

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