Harrowing details of pregnant Perth mum’s fatal rock attack revealed

Horrific new details have been revealed of what happened in the moments after a pregnant Perth mum was fatally injured by a flying piece of concrete.

Diane Miller, 30, was critically injured after a piece of concrete was thrown through her car window and struck her in the head outside a Perth shopping centre on Tuesday.

She was immediately knocked unconscious and went into cardiac arrest.

Ms Miller, who was five months pregnant at the time of the attack, died just before 2am on Friday in Royal Perth Hospital.

Her unborn child also passed away.

First responder, Lana, has revealed the harrowing moments after the mum was struck in the head by the concrete.

She told 7News Ms Miller was “in respiratory distress” and was “clearly not breathing”.

The woman revealed there was “quite a lot of blood” when she arrived on the scene.

“So my first instinct was to check her pulse,” she said.

Ms Miller was sitting in car outside of Waterford Plaza on Tuesday night when the incident occurred.

Police say her partner, who was driving the car Ms Miller was in, became involved in an altercation between two groups of teens.

A relative told reporters that the teens were blocking the car when the confrontation broke out.

Police allege a 17-year-old boy threw a piece of concrete through the open front passenger-side window and hitting Ms Miller in the head.

Police officers and members of the public performed CPR on the woman until paramedics arrived and transported her to Royal Perth Hospital.

The teenager has been charged with grievous bodily harm and breaching bail.

The homicide squad has now taken over the investigation.

Before Ms Miller tragically passed away, her partner Phillip Edmonds, told 7News that he had taken their eight-month-old son, Lloyde, into the hospital to see his mum.

“I took him in earlier. He was happy. And then when we walked off he started crying,” Mr Edmonds said.

“It hurt me more to walk off.”

Ms Miller’s death came after a vigil was held at the hospital on Thursday night, with loved ones saying their final farewell.

“We just lost our world … the baby passed away too,” her brother Malcolm Clifton told NITV.

Yesterday morning, Nine News reported doctors had given Ms Miller just hours to live after she was declared brain dead.

Her family was told she and her unborn child were “unlikely to survive”.

Speaking to reporters outside the hospital, Mr Clifton, gave harrowing details of the incident.

“All I heard is there was an argument, and my sister told them to go away, and as they drove off, someone threw a brick through the window,” he said.

“She didn’t even see it coming. It hit her straight in the temple.

“We are destroyed, we want these people whoever they are, brought to justice.”

Mr Clifton said his sister’s eight month old son, Lloyde, was “going to grow up without his mum now”.

“They were close as, he was always with her,” he said.

He told reporters Ms Miller was due to find out the gender of her second child next week.

Inspector Brett Baddock described the attack as “senseless” and “unprovoked”.

He said the parties involved were not known to each other.

Police said their investigation was ongoing and detectives urged anyone who saw the incident, or who has footage of it, to contact Crime Stoppers.

Mr Clifton said his sister was just starting to get her life back on track.

“She just got on her feet, she just got a house, everything was working out for her and now everything is gone.”

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