Nimble’s sold out activewear which double as swimmers returns

A pair of sold-out bike shorts with a “hidden” feature have returned – and this time they’re better than ever.

Nimble has bought back its “sweat to splash” range, a collection of hybrid activewear pieces that can be worn during a workout as well as while enjoying a swim.

Among the items include a popular pair of skin-tight shorts, $79, and a supportive sports bra, $89 – both of which are the ideal item for people who love to go for a spontaneous dip during the warmer summer months.

Vera Yan, co-founder and co-CEO of the Sydney-based activewear brand, said the combination was created to accommodate for this “epitome of summer” activity.

“We knew that lots of girls had previously been wearing our sports bras for active watersports like surfing and biathlons, so we already had a sense of what additional items and features customers were looking for,” she told

“From there, it was a matter of sifting through customer feedback, talking to customers and working with our design team to create a range that was a true hybrid of both active and swimwear.

“The range brings a real sense of freedom and nostalgia.”

When stock first hit shelves last summer, Vera – and her co-owner Katia Santilli – weren’t sure how popular the hybrid items would be and they quickly sold out.

So this summer, they’ve extended the range and improved on it, making it fast-drying and adding adjustable straps as well as a swim liner which gives the wearer the “ability to go commando”.

“Last year, we had four key pieces in our Sweat to Splash range whereas this year we have nine pieces with three supporting layering styles,” Vera explained.

“From the collection last year, shoppers told us they wanted two different short lengths, more colour options as well as a print option, and a onesie — so this year, that’s what customers are getting.”

Stock only just became available and already there are sizes that have “completely sold out”, with Vera revealing the swimmable onesie is proving a “stand-out”.

“We literally cannot keep our active onesies in stock and the swimmable version is proving popular too,” she said.

The products all have a UPF rating – like the SPF measurement used on sunscreens but for fabric – of factor 50+, meaning they protect skin from harmful UVA rays.

On social media, those who have purchased the shorts have been marvelling over the “hidden” swim feature.

“Fun fact, these shorts double as swimmers,” one woman wrote on Instagram.

“After most workouts I will dive straight in the ocean for a swim or surf. Thanks Nimble Activewear for creating the transition seamless,” another raved.

As another declared: “These are great, there’s nothing I love more than jumping into the ocean after a little sesh – and they dry so fast too.”

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