Australian man heads to pub after attack by 1.5m crocodile at Kununurra, WA

A Western Australia man who was bitten on the leg by a saltwater crocodile has made an appearance at his local pub just hours later.

Kyle Hutchinson was walking with some mates near Buttons Crossing, Kununurra in WA’s Kimberley Region on Saturday, when he stepped in a puddle – and felt a sudden, searing pain, Nine reported.

Mr Hutchinson told Perth Now he thought the puddle would be shallow, but it was actually a deep hole that was harbouring a 1.5m juvenile saltwater crocodile.

Satirical social media page The Bell Tower Times shared pictures of Mr Hutchinson’s injuries, which fortunately missed tendons and vital arteries.

In the photos, teeth marks were visible on Mr Hutchinson’s knee and blood streamed down his leg.

He credited his mate Tim Lanzon with helping him, as well as other locals who rushed to give first aid and take him to hospital.

But just two hours after the attack, Mr Hutchinson was happily sharing his story with regulars at the pub, with a picture of him giving a thumbs up with his bandaged leg captioned: “From the creek to the hospital to the pub. Classic Kimberley.”

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