Jessica Camilleri: mum beheader admitted to attacking and wounding two prison officers at Silverwater Prison

A Sydney woman who beheaded her mother in a frenzied attack involving more than 100 stab wounds has admitted to attacking and wounding two prison officers while in jail.

Jessica Camilleri was sentenced to 21 years behind bars for the brutal killing at her mother’s house in western Sydney in 2019.

The 29-year-old was acquitted of murder but found guilty of manslaughter for the bloody attack in which she stabbed her mother at least 100 times, carved up her face, and decapitated her with a flurry of blows.

She was sentenced to spend more than two decades at Silverwater Prison, where it can now be revealed she attacked and wounded two corrective services officers.

Ms Camilleri appeared in Burwood Local Court via videolink on Wednesday after admitting to two counts of assaulting a law enforcement officer and inflicting actual bodily harm.

Court documents seen exclusively by NCA NewsWire reveal she attacked a female corrective services officer in August last year and another in October two months later.

Officers were leaving the inmate’s cell in August when she rushed towards the closing door and slipped through the opening, the police facts state.

She was told to return to her cell and started to edge back towards the door when a prison officer turned her head to speak to another inmate.

Ms Camilleri reached out and grabbed her hair and pulled a fistful of hair “from her scalp”, according to the police facts. She was subsequently restrained by three officers.

The victim was left with a long bald patch on her scalp where her hair had been forcefully yanked from its roots.

When interviewed about the painful attack, Ms Camilleri admitted she had pulled the officer’s hair but said she thought it was “just a few strands”.

“I just wanted to give (her) a little bit of the taste of (her) own medicine for the s*** they’ve been doing to me … since I’ve been here,” she told police two days after the assault.

Less than two months later, the 29-year-old attacked another prison guard in the yard in a similar manner.

While she was partially restrained by one officer trying to take her back to her cell, the court documents show she snatched a handful of another officer’s hair and pulled.

The victim screamed out in pain but Ms Camilleri did not let go until she was restrained by a third officer.

The prison officer lost a worrying amount of her hair during the attack, which left two bald patches on her scalp. She also reported swelling and bruising along the right side of her shoulder and neck due to the force of Ms Camilleri’s hold.

Two weeks after the assault, the inmate agreed “that’s pretty much what happened” when police suggested the sequence of events.

Both offences carry a maximum penalty of seven years imprisonment.

On Wednesday, Burwood court heard Ms Camilleri will be committed for sentencing in the District Court next year. She will return to court on February 3.

During her trial over her mother’s horrific death, the 29-year-old was described as a “significantly disabled offender” by Justice Helen Wilson.

“The offender‘s disabilities are such as to attract sympathy; her conduct is such as to attract the strongest condemnation, and punishment,” the NSW Supreme Court judge said.

Justice Wilson labelled the bloody slaying “a crime of extraordinary viciousness and brutality”. The court heard Ms Camilleri had cut off the tip of her mother’s nose, and cut out her tongue and eyeballs.

She used seven knives to slaughter the older woman, four of which snapped during the frantic stabbing, the court was told.

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