TikTok breakups are going viral in toxic new trend

You know when you are going through a rough break-up and want to vent to everyone? And I mean everyone – no one is safe, not even the local barista?

Well, TikTok has given these people a whole new audience.

Currently, plenty of TikTokers are going viral for sharing stories about their breakups. And from the salacious to the mundane, these raw accounts are quickly grabbing a large audience.

Interestingly, it isn’t all dramatic cheating stories that are getting the views – in fact, the TikToks that seem to resonate the most are often more personal than dramatic.

In one video, a girl candidly shares messages that led to her break-up. The crux of the story is that her boyfriend meets someone new, with the messages he allegedly sent her flashing up on the screen.

One particularly heartbreaking TikTok has been viewed over six million times. It features a girl gathering up all her ex-boyfriend’s belongings to give back to him, which includes a very comfortable blanket. The whole time she looks absolutely devastated.

In a much more salacious one, a woman that goes by the name Hilary Zinks on TikTok claims her partner cheated on her multiple times – and she then rates the women he cheated on her with out of 10. It has been viewed over 15 million times.

In another break-up TikTok, a woman shares messages between her and her ex, with the two apparently struggling to let go of each other. It just features screenshots of messages saying things like, “I miss you!” and “Come over!”

The trend of sharing your heartbreak online has well and truly taken off, but is it healthy? Well, not exactly.

Janice Formichella, founder of The Broken Heart Repair Kit, told HelloGiggles: “The results can be unpredictable and the act can serve to keep you connected with the person you should be trying to distance yourself from”/

“If you need validation about what has just happened, turn to a friend for a real-life conversation,” she continued.

It will be interesting to see if this trend sticks.

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