Motoring: ‘Insane’ parking act in quiet street angers resident

A furious resident has shared a photograph of an inconsiderate parking situation in a nearby street.

The resident posted the infuriating image, showing not just one but two cars parked at the end of a cul-de-sac, onto Reddit along with the description: “Parking like a double full c***!!”

They elaborated: “In one of our local cul de sacs. Grrrhh, entitled inconsideration irks me no end!”

It’s not clear if the cars have the same owner, however it appears they could be making it difficult for people to access their driveways or turn around in the street.

There was an outpouring of anger from commenters, with many suggesting to contact the council.

One wrote: “Smells like a tow truck coming up the road.”

While another said: “Absolute clown shoes. Contact local council and advise vehicles have been left blocking a public road and they typically respond fairly quickly (important to advise the road is blocked) in my experience.”

And a third commented: “The bowl of a cul-de-sac is still a public road – I’d call the council. F**k that entitled behaviour.”

While another shared their parking woes: “Hate people who do this. I live the other end of a court. So if you go to turn around you have to dodge cars.

“They think they own the court. And they have the audacity to have a sign on a lightpole saying ‘residents parking only’. Hope they like raw eggs on Christmas morning.”

It came after a Sydney driver was pictured parking their car between two other vehicles in disabled bays in a busy suburban shopping centre.

The image was taken at Westfield Eastgardens, with the driver slammed as “disgusting” and “entitled” on a local Facebook group.

“Imagine being that entitled,” one woman commented.

“Seriously everything that is wrong in the world right there,” they said.

Another woman said: “I can’t believe my eyes. What a f’n w***er.”

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