Parents no longer calling children Karen as baby name declines in popularity

A viral meme reserved to make fun of overzealous white women which has led to the downfall of one name.

The name Karen was only registered once in the United Kingdom during 2022, according to popular site BabyCentre. It had four registrations in 2021 – meaning there was a 75 per cent drop in popularity for the name.

For boys, the name Donald has fallen out of favour with only one registration in 2022 compared to six in 2021.

BabyCentre predicts that in 2023, the names will likely fall off the list altogether.

Other girls names such as Barbie, Carrie, Tegan, Deirdre, Katrina, Britney and Farrah had no registrations in 2022.

For boys, the names Rhett, Brent, Cliff, Giles and Nigel and Maximillian had no registrations in 2022, according to the site.

Meaning names popular in the 1960s, such as Kermit, have also dropped off, according to another site called Nameberry.

It also says while other fruit-inspired names such as Clementine are gaining popularity, names such as Cherry are also dropping off.

But there are a stack of baby names that are expected to skyrocket in popularity, due in part to celebrities and royals.

The name Archie will gain popularity, thanks to the coverage of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in recent months, Nameberry predicted.

Everest, Atlas and Wilder – all adventure-inspired names – will garner popularity in the new year.

For women, the name Billie is tipped to be a big one in 2023, thanks to the growing trend of giving girls androgynous names and the popular singer Billie Eilish.

Joelene is also set to be a big winner.

Meanwhile, Halston is set to be the name that will replace names such as Hallie and Hayley.

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