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A mum has been shamed over the lunch boxes she packed for her small children, with many saying it’s “not enough” for growing kids.

Taking to Facebook, the American woman shared a photo of the lunch she made for her three and one-year-old children.

The box was packed with seaweed, cut-up slices of cheese and crackers.

“This is lunch for a one and three-year-old today. Sharp Cheddar cheese, crackers, and seaweed,” the woman called Rachel wrote.

Many praised the mum’s snacks, commenting the container “looks great” and “this is exactly what my three-year-old would eat.”

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However, not everyone shared the same enthusiasm. Others criticised the mum and questioned whether the food was enough to feed her young children.

“That’s a mistake. Is this filling enough for them?” one woman wrote.

“My kids would devour this and then ask for something else,” another said.

“This is lunch? Or a snack? This wouldn’t fill up either of my kids at this age. But at least it’s healthy,” a third wrote.

Some users defended the mum and thought it was a great lunch. They added that their children are also obsessed with “picky” foods like cheese, crackers and seaweed.

“Our kids are alike. My son is obsessed with seaweed. He could eat a 12 pack of them if you don’t watch him. Same with whole apples,” one mum wrote.

This is not the first time a mum has been slammed on social media over a packed lunch for her kids.

Last year, an Aussie mum was ridiculed for giving her son too much food in his lunch box.

Her post went viral on the Aldi Mums page where she revealed that she would normally pack two sandwiches, three snack bars, two bananas, three peaches, grapes, a cucumber, two carrots, cherry tomatoes, biscuits, cheese and a nutty trail mix for her teenage son.

Sharing a picture of his mega lunch, she wrote: “If I could fit more I would as he never stops eating.”

Other parents commented on the snap, saying that the lunch offering was “too much” and that she was “going overboard”.

“How many children is this for?” one woman asked.

“Healthy choices, sure, but that is still a lot of food” another added.

The mum had to remind her followers that her son is a very active 17-year-old who plays sports and goes to the gym often which means: “He needs a lot of fuel food.”

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