Wedding descends into chaos as guests brawl

A couple’s glitzy wedding descended into chaos when guests started fighting outside the venue, leaving one of them stabbed.

Police were called to the Grand Paradiso in Fairfield, in Sydney’s west, at about 11pm on Thursday after a mass brawl broke out.

Video from the scene shows two well-dressed men pushing and shoving each other as an argument breaks out.

One of them throws a left hook which narrowly misses, but it quickly causes tensions to boil over.

Next, men in suits are seen spilling over each other on the pavement as the fracas suddenly develops into an all-in brawl.

A man who appeared to throw the first punch is seen being kicked to the ground as another guest throws punches in his direction.

A 49-year-old was taken to hospital with cuts to his hand and face, 7 News reported.

A man was being questioned by police, but as yet no charges have been laid.

The wedding had earlier got off without a hitch, with guests seen enjoying dancing and drumming as the newlyweds celebrated tying their knot alongside their family and friends.

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