Aussie woman forced to pay $100 to attend Christmas party

A man has left the internet divided after he revealed his wife’s workplace forces employees to pay $100 to attend their own Christmas party.

The man posted a question on Reddit asking “So what kind of Christmas party does your work throw and how much do they charge you for it if anything?”

The curious Redditor explained his staff parties are “fully funded” by the company and food and alcohol are included.

However, he was surprised to learn that his partner’s parties were quite the opposite

“I’m curious what other people’s parties are like,” he wrote on the social platform.

“My partner’s charge like $100 to attend plus drinks on top.”

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The post sparked a heated debate as many people thought it was ridiculous for staff to pay to attend a work party.

“Asking you to pay is totally messed up,” one person said.

“Dinner and drinks is the normal, their shout. I would never pay to attend a Christmas party. On the contrary: that’s billable hours,” another said.

“$100! I wouldn’t even hesitate to decline attending.

The man said he wasn’t fussed when he had to pay “$10 a head” to attend work parties in the past, where staff were offered unlimited alcohol and catering.

Others questioned whether the man’s wife worked in the public sector which could be the reason for the party costs.

“In the public service you often have to pay. Either by paying for your meal or through fundraising throughout the year for a party,” one person said.

“In all fairness, I wouldn’t necessarily want my taxes funding a work Christmas party, ” another wrote.

“That’s why the public sector usually has to pay for their own parties.”

This is not the first time a company has caused a stir over Christmas parties.

In October, a disability worker revealed his employer asked staff to fork out $50 to attend an office Christmas party.

“Received a work email today for the staff Christmas party. They are wanting all staff to pay $50 each for lunch and to buy your own drinks,” they shared on Reddit.

The post caused a lively debate with users urging the worker not to attend the party, with the company‘s move labelled as “ridiculous”.

“A Christmas party from the company is meant to be a thank you gift from the company to its employees,” one said.

“Staff get a much bigger boost to their morale when they don’t have to pay for it.”

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