Home Alone fans realise the real reason no-one noticed Kevin was missing when they drove to the airport

Fans of classic Christmas film Home Alone are just realising the real reason no-one noticed Kevin was missing.

The opening scenes of the iconic film sees the young character, played by Macaulay Culkin, left home on his own while his family jet off on holiday without him.

The eight-year-old is left behind after his family leaves to go to France for the holidays – and has to fend for himself, The Sun reports.

Fans have long been left wondering why none of his family noticed that the youngster was missing at the airport.

But now, eagle-eyed viewers have figured out that it’s all down to the number of people sitting in the cabs.

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Taking to Reddit, one user explained how the number of people meant it was easy for characters to get confused.

They theorised that where the family was split evenly in two cars, each group would think Kevin was with them.

“When they counted people for the trip, they say there’s 17 people in total,” the movie fan wrote.

“An odd number between two vans means they will be split to eight and nine, and since Kevin was missing, both vans had eight people instead.

“This made each group assume that they were in the eight-people van, and not suspecting a thing.”

Flooding the comments section of the post, one Reddit user replied: “Such a fun detail, the writer was extremely worried about having a bulletproof plot.

“Just fun that he covered tracks I haven’t even picked up on.”

Elsewhere, another fan added that during the headcount outside the home, one of the neighbours kids was included.

“The neighbour’s chatty kid came over and talk to the McCallister’s kids, when Heather was instructed to do a headcount, he got counted as the 9th kid,” they added.

It comes after Home Alone fans were left stunned after spotting the reason why the family forgot Kevin.

One fan on TikTok has recently pointed something out about the blockbuster – that Kevin’s dad Peter is the reason he didn’t go on holiday with them.

Sharing a clip of Peter (John Heard) collecting rubbish and putting it into a bin, they pointed out in the caption: “Been watching Home Alone all these years and did not know that the dad threw away Kevin’s ticket.”

This story originally appeared on The Sun and is republished here with permission

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