McDonald’s fan showcases a fully-automated store in Texas

Macca’s has entered the future with a fully automated store that has no human staff.

The sci-fi shop has a large conveyor belt delivering food and robots putting burgers together but some customers are not impressed.

An Instagrammer known as Munster, who posts under the handle @foodie_munster, has shared the update in a recent video, the US Sun reported.

A Fort Worth, Texas, McDonald’s location has introduced a new takeaway and drive-through concept.

While not widely rolled out just yet, the location offers certain features to enhance a customer’s experience.

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You can now order food on the app, pull into a kerbside pick-up lane and go through the drive-through lane.

You can also go to an order-ahead lane and be served by a conveyor belt, Munster shared.

“When you pull up, they’ll ask you for your code and in no time your food arrives,” he said.

“I gotta say, it worked pretty well.”

Munster said that the inside of the McDonald’s location is unlike any other.

There’s one kiosk where you can place orders, and the interior is largely designed for customers to quickly be in and out, Munster said.

He ordered a burger from the fast food chain he had never seen before, called the Daily Double.

Munster said it was “pretty good.”

He also ordered some classic McNuggets.

Fans had very mixed feelings about the new layout.

“It’s cool but I don’t think I’m a fan … I rely on the indoor play grounds haha. Also we already have too many automated things happening and I feel like we don’t need more stuff where you don’t interact with actual people,” one person commented.

“I wondered how that new concept would work. They don’t even want to see people’s face,” someone else chimed in.

“this is cool! didn’t know that was a thing,” another said.

“This is kinda cool. No one to judge my order,” commented another.

This story originally appeared on the US Sun and reproduced with permission

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