Victoria Police: Victorian number plates to be designed to make it harder for crims

New number plate technology could see 2023 become one of the toughest years yet for Victorian number plate thieves, if the state government has their way.

The Victorian government announced on Saturday morning that, as of December 30, new security markings will be embedded on the surface of Victorian plates, which they said would make it more difficult for them to be cloned by criminals.

The security markings which, according to the government, are similar to holograms that are embedded in Australian bank notes, will be unable to be removed by chemical or physical means from the sheeting or finished sticker without causing “irreparable damage.”

The new markings will appear on about 430,000 new number plates each year, with no extra cost to drivers.

Anthony Carbines, Minister for Police, said the measures will reduce crime.

“We know that number-plate theft has been a growing problem in Victoria – these new Directional Security Markings add an additional layer of security that will stop theft and help reduce crime,” Mr Carbines said.

Melissa Horne, Minister for Roads and Road Safety said the development was “fantastic.”

“We have been working closely with relevant departments on a solution to address number plate theft and it is fantastic we can now begin delivering this new technology,” Ms Horne said.

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