British expat shocked by how ‘nice’ Aussies are in viral clip

Expats always get a bit of a culture shock when they move to Australia, but there’s one thing Aussies do to greet that left this Brit beaming.

Singer Kat Penkin, who recently travelled from London to Perth to spend Christmas with her family, went for a morning stroll when she encountered the Aussie habit that she described as “wholesome”.

“I’m in Australia right now and I forgot exactly how nice Australians are,” she said in a clip.

“Every single person that walks past goes ‘good morning, how are you, good morning’.”

The act prompted the expat to record a TikTok during her Christmas Eve walk where she was heard greeting locals as they said “good morning”.

Kat explained that if the act were to happen in London, it wouldn’t go down the same way.

“I live in London and here (there) you go good morning to someone, you get a punch in the face,” she said.

The singer who was born in Devon, in southwest UK, was raised in Perth by her parents until she returned to England to pursue a career in music.

“I’d forgotten just how nice Australian’s are,” she said, before joking, “It’s also very emotionally draining”.

She wasn’t the only one to think so with some Aussies also agreeing it can be a bit “draining”.

“I’m Australian and yes sometimes it’s like fark (sic) leave me alone,” one TikTok user laughed.

However, others disagreed saying if they don’t say hello, they feel bad.

“Australian here. If I don’t say hi to the randos I pass, I feel bad the rest of the day,” one person wrote.

“Same like I’m a snob or something,” another agreed.

One Aussie said: “I was saying ‘morning’ in America and the amount of confused looks I got omg.”

Others were shocked to realise it was an “Australian thing”.

“I lived my whole life thinking everyone did this,” one person wrote.

“Honestly it so niche (sic),” said another.

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