Do you really get more chips in a McDonald’s large?

A Come Dine With Me star has led an investigation into whether or not it’s worth getting a large fries from McDonald’s.

Darren Dowling, better known as social media personality Dazza, bought a regular sized portion as well as the bigger one to find out how many more chips you get, The US Sun reported.

After weighing the food, the large came in at 143g, while the regular tipped the scales at 115g.

After counting every single fry, the 28g difference equates to nine additional chips – 83 in a regular and 92 in a large.

Darren, who appeared on Come Dine With Me and finished last in 2021, wasn’t sure the modest increase was worth the 30p (A$0.50) price difference.

He said: “I don’t think that’s enough to tide you over being full. I don’t think it’s worth it.”

After asking his followers whether they thought it was worth the upgrade, Darren received a mixed response.

One person said: “McDonald‘s are so inconsistent with their products. You can sometimes get more in medium than a large and sometimes extra in large.”

Another wrote: “It’s worth getting a size up because you get a bigger drink”.

While a fan added: “Unfair experiment. Every time I get a large its all ways different some times its full some times its half empty”.

Earlier this week, Darren claimed he uncovered a secret about Pot Noodles, a UK instant noodle snack, that could shake up the noodle world.

One of the burning questions on his mind was just how many more noodles were in a king size Pot Noodle as opposed to the regular version.

Taking a knife and scissors to his original curry flavoured treat, Darren was horrified to find that there appeared to be a large space left unoccupied beneath the noodles.

After removing the contents from the pots, it appeared that there was hardly any difference, if at all, between a king size portion and a regular sized one

He said: “There’s space underneath it. Oh my god. There’s hundreds of space underneath a king sized Pot Noodle.

“My friends, we have finally discovered you get the exact same amount of noodles.

“What have I uncovered here? I feel like the Pot Noodle police will be at my door soon, I can’t believe that”.

McDonald’s has been approached by The US Sun for comment.

This article originally appeared on The US Sun and was republished with permission.

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