Viral video captures kids traumatised over Christmas Grinch stunt

A Christmas-inspired trend is going viral on social media but many say it’s leaving children traumatised.

Parents have been dressing up as the Grinch, barging into their own homes and pretending to steal the presents under the tree, much to the dismay of kids hoping Santa brought them everything on their lists.

In one viral video doing the rounds, Santa and the Grinch get into a punch-up, leaving children hiding, trembling and screaming under a piano.

A jolly Christmas family gathering is rudely interrupted, with footage showing guests gasping and staring up the stairs before the Grinch appears. The footage can be viewed above.

Santa and some of the guests are seen fighting back while kids huddle together under a grand piano.

It’s unclear if the video was from this Christmas Day or from an earlier time.

The clip appears to have originally been posted on Snapchat with three laughing emojis as the caption.

After being reposted on Twitter, it has racked up 1.7 million views at time of writing, however, it has largely divided opinion on the internet.

One person commented: “Here’s an example of one that probably went a little too far”.

“Came in too aggressive. That’s the energy for teens not [five-year-olds],” another said.

“Dr Seuss would not approve,” a third wrote.

Several other viral videos have been circulating showing the moment parents dressed as the Grinch shock their children by trying to steal gifts under the tree.

Some kids have been shown running away screaming in fear while others freeze and cry, but a few brave children have taken it upon themselves to defend their families and the gifts by fighting back.

In one TikTok video viewed over 44 million times, two young boys are seen watching the festive movie Elf in their Christmas pyjamas when the Grinch barges in with a garbage bag in hand.

The boys immediately start screaming and back away on the couch throwing a pillow at the Grinch to shoo him away.

One of the boys stays back screaming as tears stream down his face, but the other decides he isn’t going to let his gifts go without a fight.

The boy attacks the Grinch, pushing and screaming. The grumpy thief eventually gets away with a few gifts when a man comes into the frame holding the feisty fighter back. That’s when the two boys scream and cry as the Grinch saunters out of the house with their presents.

The controversial video has gone viral and has 2.6 million likes, despite many viewers questioning the prank.

“Teacher: So what did you get for Christmas. Kid: PTSD,” one person commented.

“What did you get your kids for Christmas? Trauma … I traumatised them,” wrote another.

“Um, the kid might have some future anger issues,” said a third.

And another person said: “I really don’t understand why anyone would want to upset their kids like this.”

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