American tradie hits back at trolls, says she looks ‘hot’ and good in her uniform

A woman who works as a tradie has hit back at trolls who say it is not a “girl’s job” – telling them she looks great in her work outfit.

Lauren Larsen admits that she was worried about her career path at first but she is now happy with her choice to become a carpenter.

She shared a video on TikTok where she is wearing her orange and blue work uniform while in other snaps she wears shorts, a hoodie and boots, The US Sun reports.

“You start a carpentry apprenticeship at 19,” she wrote in the caption.

Her followers praised her for her stunning looks and many shared their experiences from working in the trade.

“This is what I always wanted to do but was so sacred that I would be judged,” one social media user said.

Lauren replied, “I was worried too! But the way I see it — you’re gonna get judged no matter what you do … so you may as well be enjoying it.”

Another said, “Honestly I wanna know how you got into it because I’m lost and I want to start carpentry soon.”

Someone wrote, “Yess more girls in the trade industry! I’m a sparky apprentice.”

One added, “I am a female concreter! I love to see us showing how capable we are!”

It comes as a female soldier has revealed what she looks like off duty and said her fans go crazy.

This article originally appeared on The US Sun and was reproduced with permission

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