Pakistan makes ‘special’ security plan for Islamabad amid terror alert by foreign missions

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Police on Tuesday announced special security measures, including setting up 25 new check-posts, to tighten security in the federal capital here after several countries, including the US, UK, Saudi Arabia and Australia asked their citizens to restrict their movement, warning of a possible terror threat.
According to the security plan, shared on Islamabad police‘s official Twitter account, entry points of the Red Zone will be recorded via Safe City cameras while video surveillance of metro bus passengers would also be conducted.
Pakistani citizens as well as foreign nationals have been asked to carry their identification documents with them.
“Special security plan issued in view of the current security situation in Islamabad. Temporary security check posts have been established at 25 different locations in Islamabad,” it said.
Police also advised the local people to register tenants and employees at the nearest police station and warned that those employing unregistered local or foreign workers will be investigated.
All motorists have been instructed to ensure their vehicles had number plates issued by the excise office. People have been asked to inform authorities of any unusual activity on the helpline.
The security plan comes in the wake of the US, UK, Saudi Arabian and Australian governments issuing advisories to their respective citizens in Pakistan to restrict their movements due to possible terror threats.
The advisories came in the wake of a suicide bombing on Friday in Islamabad that killed a policeman. It was the first major incident of terrorism in Islamabad following the onset of the recent wave of militancy that was initially limited to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan.
Two days after the blast, the US embassy in Islamabad warned about a possible terror threat against American citizens at the Marriott Hotel in the country’s capital and prohibited American staff from visiting the five-star facility.
The Saudi Arabian embassy in Islamabad also issued a security advisory on Monday, instructing its citizens in Pakistan to restrict their movement. The United Kingdom and Australia issued separate security alerts on Monday, asking their citizens to limit their movement in Pakistan.

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