US mother reveals her anti-ageing tips after mistaken for kid’s twin

A US mum has shared her best anti-ageing tips after saying she is regularly mistaken for her daughter’s twin.

Dawn Hubsher, 60, from Florida, and daughter Cher Hubsher, 30, from New York, often post videos together on TikTok trying on clothes and joking around together, The Sun reports.

But it was Dawn’s youthful looks that have garnered the most attention from viewers who were desperate to know how she manages to look so youthful.

The 60-year-old shared her five best tips, and it turns out they’re very easy to do.

Dawn said: “The best advice I can give is don’t sweat the small stuff.”

But she also shared five more practical tips, for those who want to keep the wrinkles at bay for a little longer.

First of all, she said it’s important to stay hydrated.

“Drink lots of water. Lots and lots of it,” she said.

She also recommended trying to eat as healthy a diet as possible.

Dawn is vegetarian, avoiding meat and fish, while her daughter has a more strict vegan diet.

The duo also recommended avoiding sun exposure.

“Stay out of the sun or always wear a hat,” they said.

Both Dawn and Cher also work out every day, so they suggested keeping an active lifestyle to keep looking younger.

And when it comes to skincare, make sure you have products that work for you.

“Always use good skincare products, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid are just naming a few,” Dawn said.

Viewers loved the easy tips, one wrote: “They both look half their age.”

This story originally appeared on The Sun and reproduced with permission

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