Woman vents online after husband gave her gym membership for Christmas

A woman’s post is going viral after she revealed that her “considerably overweight” husband bought her a pricey gym membership for Christmas – after making rude comments about her weight.

“This Christmas, my husband gifted me a very expensive gym membership for 12 months. I am very fit and active, but simply have no time to go to the gym and my husband knows this,” the woman wrote on the now-viral “Am I being unreasonable?” thread of popular blog Mumsnet.

“Despite being considerably overweight himself, my husband has been making pointed comments about my weight for some time. (I have a BMI of 20.) Am I being unreasonable to be p**sed off?” she continued in the heated post, which has since racked up thousands of comments, New York Post reports.

Many social media users agreed she was right to be angry – and even dreamt up some clever ways to get back at her husband.

“Phone the gym and change it to his name,” one person suggested. “And the [original poster] can say it’s his early birthday present for 2023,” someone else added.

“I’d be telling him he’s a fat b**tard who needs it more than you. I would then treat myself from the joint bank account to something of equivalent value,” another wrote.

“Did he not see the creepy AF and much rightly criticised Peloton advert a couple of years ago?” one person said, referring to a 2019 Peloton ad titled, “The Gift That Gives Back.”

Another said: “I’d keep it and leave the kids with him, pretend to go and go eat chocolate and read a good book for an hour once or twice a week in the car.”

Someone else wrote: “There has to be way more to this than just the gym membership. There’s no way he’s not a total t**t in other aspects of your marriage.”

Some commenters told her to be grateful for the warning.

“Good. Take this as your biggest red flag and GTFO of that marriage,” one said in response to the woman’s update mentioning they were trying to conceive and don’t have kids yet.

“I’d keep it, pretend to be pleased and meet up with friends – leaving him to sort kids, two or three times a week. If he complains, say it cost so much you feel you must get your money’s worth.

“Slip off at weekends, too. He will never gift you this again. Also, come back looking happy each time and tell him the exercise is so good for you – maybe he should get himself a membership.”

This story originally appeared on New York Post and reproduced with permission

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