American waitress blasts European tourists for leaving $100 tip

An American waitress has taken to social media to slam a group of European tourists for leaving her with a tiny 10 per cent gratuity.

Madison Tayt, from New York City, lashed out at the stingy patrons in a now-deleted Twitter thread posted on Monday, which has since clocked up 40 million views and a whole lot of controversy, the New York Post reports.

“I f**king hate Europeans sometimes on God,” a ticked-off Tayt began.

“This table just left $70 ($A105.23) on a $700 ($A1,052.34) check after chilling for HOURS. My manager even asked about their service and they were OVER THE MOON about my service so he explained the customary tip is 20% and they were like ‘Ok’ and left.”

The waitress claimed that the European diners were accompanied by an American friend, so they couldn’t claim cultural ignorance for not leaving a larger gratuity.

Tayt did not disclose the name of restaurant in which she works, nor the specific nationality of the miserly customers.

However, the angry server stated that many restaurant workers were reluctant to serve European tourists in general, stating: “I understand a lot of the qualms with European’s behavior [sic] in restaurants comes from cultural differences (camping at tables, being a little brusque or forceful, etc) all of which id be willing to overlook if they at least tipped appropriately.”

However, not everyone was on board with Tayt’s trashing of an entire continent, with one clapping back: “Camping out at tables? Europeans tend to go out for dinner to enjoy themselves and the conversation amongst their company. Apologies that it ruins the in-out burger American-style dining experience.”

Another declared: “Europeans aren’t used to tipping because servers are generally paid well. Blame the terrible late-stage capitalism of the US, not patrons from other countries.”

Meanwhile, numerous others similarly said the server should direct her rage in a different direction.

“Imagine basing your anger on the turnover of the table and their ability to pay and not the big bosses who rake in profits or the law makers. Pretty dumb. Unionize [sic]. Fight for fair pay,” one wrote.

“Your wage is the problem here,” another told Tayt.

“If you are relying on tips to earn enough money your employer is exploiting you. They are not relying on the generosity of strangers to run their business.”

However, hundreds of Twitter users came out in support of the waitress, with one ex-server stating: “I remember being a waitress and we started ADDING the tips to the bills when they [Europeans] were tourists. But they ARE the worst and refuse to follow US culture … It’s rude AF and disrespectful.”

Another defended Tayt, declaring: “Servers can complain all they want to their boss, but the answer is always ‘You don’t have to work here.’ So yes, it is on the guests to tip accordingly!! If you don’t like that don’t eat there. Or any restaurant in the United States.”

The Post has reached out to Tayt for further comment.

The server told her Twitter followers, however, that she has muted her mentions due to the controversy her initial post received.

This article originally appeared in the New York Post and was reproduced with permission

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