Surry Hills Fire: Police begin search for human remains on Randle St

Human remains could be found in the rubble of a fire that tore through a building in Sydney’s Surry Hills.

Officers on the ground are preparing for the possibility that they will discover the bodies of people who died in the fire.

Two homeless people are currently unaccounted for after the blaze, which razed a 110-year-old warehouse in Randle Street in Surry Hills on May 25. There are at least a dozen people who were known to sleep rough in the area.

A cadaver dog entered the site on Monday, with the operation to continue for days according to Detective Superintendent Gordon Arbinja.

“That is probably going to take a number of days, given the fact that once the dog goes on (to the property) and searches, they’ll then take the dog off and remove more rubble until the dog searches the entire three buildings, just to make sure that process is complete,” he said.

“I hope we don‘t find any [deceased people], but it is possible.”

Until last week, police were unable to access the site as work was done to remove the two remaining outer walls of the building which threatened to collapse.

Strike Force Strontium will now conduct further risk assessments at the scene of the fire on Monday afternoon “with a view to commence inquiries as soon as possible”.

Detectives, as well as specialist officers from Forensic Evidence and the dog unit will begin their investigations as soon as the site is cleared of risks.

It comes as police reveal they have questioned three 13-year-old boys and a 12-year-old boy over the incident.

However, no charges have been laid and are expected to not do so until a full search of the building is undertaken by the cadaver dog.

Some residents have been allowed to return to their homes after they were left stranded by the fire, which left their apartment buildings structurally unsound.

There are 80 people still displaced from their homes, with Detective Superintendent Martin Fileman saying residents from the Chalmers Street block will be allowed back into their units this week.

However those living in the Randle Street apartment complex will have to wait between three and four weeks to be allowed back into their homes.

“We need to make sure that these buildings are safe before people can go back in,“ Mr Fileman said.

“We want them back in as soon as we can, we are working as quickly and safely as we possibly can.”

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