Female bodybuilder, 61, stuns in short workout video

A 61-year-old professional bodybuilder has been raising eyebrows with her age defying look.

Now, Sheryl Grant has passed along some valuable advice to those hoping to stay strong and healthy after decades of living.

The former Miss Olympia winner, which is one of professional bodybuilding’s most prestigious competition, said the secret is a strong core, New York Post reported.

Sheryl, who won the body building competition at 55, said: “A strong core allows me to do more exercises and maintain the form to maximise each movement’s effectiveness.”

Sheryl proceeded to demonstrate her preferred abdominal — which can be done in just about any setting.

To get started — while all smiles and dancing on camera — she demonstrated doing some side to side Russian twist workouts, while gripping a medicine ball above a mat.

Next came 90 degree, twisted leg lifts where the lying down Grant held on to a kettlebell positioned behind her head for balance. During these, she also rotated her legs side to side while they were in the air.

Reverse crunches were next, followed by regular crunches and came toe touches, where her opposite hand connected with her opposite foot.

In the comments on her brief, yet efficient video tutorial, she appeared to have sculpted the minds of fans — as much as she did her own body.

Hundreds lost their mind over her age-defying looks.

“60? You look absolutely fabulous,” one social media user commented on Sheryl’s video.

Another said: “You inspire me” while a third said Sheryl looked “fabulous”.

One added: “Three letters … OMG.”

Despite taking out the Miss Olympia title just six years ago, Sheryl is back and competing in the competition again.

Her social media presence is documenting her journey, from her fitness routine to the bikinis she wears on the days of her competitions to show off her form.

This story originally appeared on the New York Post and reproduced with permission

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