Single mum, postal worker, reveals how she ‘looks better at 36 than 10 years ago

A mum has shared her ten-year body transformation as a single parent to five children, saying she “looks better at 36 than she did 10 years ago”.

Fitness enthusiast Amelia, who posts on under the handle @vintage_amelia, is almost 40 years old but looks better than ever – and she has the fit body to prove it.

In a series of viral videos she shared on TikTok, the mother has documented her weight loss journey over the course of the last ten years, and many have been left stunned.

In one clip, the video begins with a throwback photo of herself at 26 years old, The Sun reports.

The single mother then shared multiple snaps taken of her in more recent years, demonstrating her transformation after getting into weightlifting.

“Put a picture of you ten years ago and a picture of you now. Let’s see the difference,” the background audio said.

Many of the images show her at the gym in exercise attire, while another flaunted her casual side in a body-hugging romper as well as her postal worker uniform.

“Let’s have everyone leave a comment,” the audio continued.

Viewers flooded the comment section with praise and supportive words.


Another added: “That’s a WHOLE LOTTA WORK AND DEDICATION!!! Good on you!!”

“You literally win. Best glow-up I’ve ever seen,” a TikTok user chimed in.

“I love you!!! I need all your secrets on looking so fabulous,” another wrote.

Amelia has shared multiple videos of her new look with her 360,000 followers, as well as many clips of her at the gym completing gruelling workouts.

“My favourite day, leg day,” she captioned one viral video of her working out.

While in another she tells fans she “loves” her body after growing up feeling “insecure” about the way she looked.

“Looing great,” one follower praised, while another wrote: “Let’s get it.”

—With The Sun

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