Inside Bondi killer’s ‘eerie’ storage facility

It’s just a small storage unit in the inner city, but for police, it’s one of the few insights into Joel Cauchi’s Sydney life.

The Bondi killer has no known address in Sydney, and was believed to be living rough across different areas in the lead up to his stabbing rampage.

Six people died from the attack, with many more injured, before Cauchi was shot dead by a police officer.

What police do know is that in March, Cauchi made a sudden move from Queensland to Sydney.

He rented out a one-by-one metre cubic storage unit at Kennards in Waterloo, which is his only known permanent fixture in Sydney at this stage. went inside the facility in Waterloo on Monday morning after police revealed it would play a major part in understanding Cauchi’s movements leading up to the rampage.

Police said a number of items have been seized from the unit, where he also reportedly kept a boogie board.

The complex was large, multi-layer and winding with units ranging for blocks large to smaller units, such as that rented out by Cauchi.

On Monday, NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb said “nothing of interest” was found in the unit.

“That’s all been seized items for forensic examination,” she told 2GB Radio’s Drive program.

“He obviously used that receptacle for his bits and pieces.”

Police have confirm the items are still under investigation.

Kennards did not respond to a request for comment.

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