Australia’s foreign-owned beer “duopoly” behind the likes of VB and Toohey’s has been accused of freezing out small local brewers from pub taps with “anti-competitive” contracts. Independent brewers have long complained about being unable to compete with lucrative deals offered to venues by deep-pocketed multinationals, including cash rebates and otherContinue Reading

Time is running out for the US to avoid a partial government shutdown in five days, as right-wing House Republicans refuse to budge on demands for massive spending cuts, including ceasing aid for Ukraine. President Joe Biden has called on Republicans in Congress to “start doing the job America electedContinue Reading

Anthony Albanese’s signature housing policy is now legislated after finally clinching support from the crossbench. After dancing between the two chambers of parliament, the Housing Australia Future Fund Bill finally passed on Thursday. The HAFF would invest $10bn with the Future Fund and will spend a minimum $500m a yearContinue Reading