Kmart fans rave about $30 electric milk frother with four different functions

Kmart shoppers are raving about an affordable kitchen gadget, with some labelling it “the best $30 I’ve ever spent”.

Social media is awash with videos and posts from happy Aussies who have recently purchased the discount store’s $32 milk frother.

The black appliance has four features, offering hot and cold froth as well as smooth and warmed milk.

While the Kmart item has been on sale for several months, shoppers have recently begun talking about it on social media, describing it as “the best frother” they’ve ever used.

Simon Robson, the appliance buyer for Kmart, said the product has been “incredibly popular” since it launched in stores at the end of June.

“We have worked hard to have this item land in stores with plenty of stock so that our wonderful customers can get their hands on one,” he said.

“With the finances pressures placed on many of us right now, it’s great to see these products finding their way into so many people’s homes at an affordable price.

“If you want to save a cost of a coffee a day, one of these helps prepare a high quality cappuccino, latte and more, at a much lower cost.”

Instagram user @Foodelaide shared a video showing the frother in action online that has been viewed almost half a million times.

“You need to see this milk frother Kmart is selling,” the clip begins.

“It has four different settings and will make your milk jiggle.”

The camera then shows the milk being poured into a glass, stating: “Look at those folds, it’s giving clouds.

“Run don’t walk.”

There’s also a bunch of similar clips on TikTok where others are raving about the item too.

“This is your sign to buy the Kmart milk frother,” one is captioned.

“Honestly this is the best milk frother I’ve ever experienced,” another said.

“Best $30 I’ve ever spent,” someone else wrote.

Viewers in the comment section were equally as impressed with the gadget’s results, declaring it “better” than a leading competitor which sells for over $100.

“OMG finally Kmart! Def getting this,” one wrote.

“Need this so much,” another said.

Some asked questions such as, “Does it burn the milk,” and “How long does it take to heat” – which people who had bought it answered happily.

According to one buyer, the milk used to burn at the bottom making it tricky to clean but Kmart has since updated the product and it is no longer an issue.

The milk also heats “really quickly”.

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