Woman’s Disney World hotel suggestion infuriates husband

A US woman has gone online to complain after her husband fumed at her when she suggested she and their children stay at a different hotel to him on a trip to Florida.

The husband was due to go to a conference and invited his wife and kids to tag along so they could visit Disney World while he worked.

But the hotel that the man was due to stay in was not the most convenient for the theme park, so the woman wanted to stay in a better-located resort – which caused a rift between the couple, The Sun reports.

The mum then took to social media site Reddit to ask who was in the right.

“My husband got invited to a big conference for work in Orlando, Florida,” she wrote.

“I wanted to tag along with the kids and bring them to Disney World. He’s not a big theme park fan himself, but would be on a work trip, unavailable during the day and at business dinners in the evening.

“The next day I talked to my sister who said she and her boyfriend were planning a trip down to go to Universal, and asked if I wanted them to book it for the same dates so we could travel together.

“Two days later we got the hotel info from my husband’s work, and instead of staying near Epcot like they have done in years past, they’ve booked a very ‘business’ hotel 35 minutes away with no pool [and] no transportation to Disney.

“My sister offered to let me and the kids stay with them in a more family-friendly hotel and I thought this was a great idea that would make things A LOT easier.

“I put the idea to my husband and he was annoyed and said I was being ridiculous for even suggesting the kids and I would stay somewhere else.

“He insisted I’m being unreasonable and won’t even speak to me about the trip now.”

Not many people agreed with the husband, with most people suggesting he was the one being unreasonable in this situation.

One wrote: “I can’t understand why he would want to make you so miserable,” while another added: “What’s he expecting you to do all day in this business hotel while he’s working?”

This story originally appeared on The Sun and is republished here with permission

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