Elon Musk roasts previous Twitter executives after finding #StayWoke t-shirts left behind at headquarters

Elon Musk may have cleared out a majority of Twitter’s staff in his mammoth takeover this month, but it looks like he still has some work to do around the office.

The tech billionaire pulled no punches in criticising the previous establishment’s promotion of social justice causes during his push to take over the platform.

The irony was not lost on the 52-year-old magnate when he found a closet full of #STAYWOKE t-shirts lying about at the office.

Musk’s takeover has been praised by critics of Twitter’s previous conduct, with Sky News Australia host Piers Morgan saying it has generated a “nauseating” hysteria which exposed the “work brigade for the shallow, biased, hypocritical little twerps”.

But his recent implementation of paid verification hasn’t gone over so smoothly.

On Monday night, Musk tweeted that he was “holding off” on the reinstatement of the controversial Twitter Blue subscription service.

That announcement came amid advertisers deserting Twitter following uncertainty at the new owner’s plans for the social media firm. Advertising makes up 90 per cent of Twitter’s current revenue.

Revamped and relaunched shortly after his takeover of the company, Twitter Blue allowed users to add a blue check mark next to their profile – previously used only to verify the identity of notable people or organisations – for $12 ($US8) a month.

Musk said allowing people to buy blue ticks would be a “great leveller”.

However, as many predicted, when the new Twitter Blue went active, nefarious users began impersonating people and organisations who had the verified tick.

The new Twitter Blue was pulled after a chaotic few days.

“Holding off relaunch of Blue Verified until there is high confidence of stopping impersonation,” Musk said.

“Will probably use different colour check for organisations than individuals.”

After halting Twitter Blue, Musk originally announced the purchasable blue check marks would be back by around by November 18.

That deadline has also now slipped.

He gave no indication on Monday of when Twitter Blue might be back.

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