Woman who thought boyfriend was cheating arrested for setting his house on fire

A woman has been arrested after setting her boyfriend’s house on fire in a jealous rage.

Senaida Marie Soto reportedly became livid after another woman answered her partner’s phone and she became convinced that he was cheating on her.

The furious 23-year-old allegedly broke into his Texas, USA, home earlier this week and set fire to a couch in the living room in an explosive act of revenge.

The flames quickly engulfed the entire home, with the woman then video calling her boyfriend to show what she had done, according to an affidavit cited by KSAT.

The woman who answered Senaida’s boyfriend’s phone turned out to be his relative – and not someone who was cheating with.

“Soto became upset that another woman answered her boyfriend’s phone,” the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office stated.

“She went to the boyfriend’s house, and that is when she lit the couch in the living room on fire.

“While the house was on fire, video was recorded and it was shown that she lit the couch on fire that spread, causing the home to go up in flames, as well as causing over $US50,000 ($75,000) worth of damages.

“Soto also reportedly texted the boyfriend while the house was on fire and said ‘I hope your house is okay’.

“The Fire Marshall’s Office helped BCSO with the arson investigation and BCSO issued two warrants for the arrest of Senaida Soto.

“Soto was arrested … for Burglary Habitation- Force, 2nd degree felony and Arson, 1st degree felony.”

It was reported that the blaze caused over $75,000 AUD in damages.

People in the comments were shocked at the woman’s actions.

“If someone makes you feel this insecure, or if someone is this psychotic (because let’s face it I’m sure there were other signs she was off) then you need to break up and find someone else” one wrote.

“Wow, pretty extreme reaction, I hope the boyfriend stays away from her!” another said.

“Real life pettiness,” one Facebook user wrote.

“Jealousy and insecurity written all over her.”

Earlier this year, a woman went viral after taking it “too far” when she found out her boyfriend had cheated.

The TikTok user posted a clip of herself walking to the edge of a bridge as she looked at the river flowing underneath.

The video was titled “he cheated, so I threw his mom’s ashes into the river” and showed the woman lifting a white urn with an intricate navy design and throwing the ashes it contained into the water.

She then let go of the urn, and it disappeared into the river, before wiping her hands and walking away.

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