The 1975 frontman Matty Healy slammed for ‘creepy’ onstage kiss with fan

The lead singer of The 1975 has raised eyebrows with his latest antics, kissing a fan onstage in a move some have labelled “creepy” — but the woman has since defended the British rocker.

The 33-year-old was in the middle of performing track Robbers during a set in Las Vegas when he reached into the crowd and pulled a woman up to the stage.

In footage from the moment, the two embrace then appear to stumble around on stage, kissing briefly, before the woman is pulled away.

She is then seen being escorted from the stage by security.

In response to the footage doing the rounds on Twitter, one social media user slammed the act, suggesting Healy had too much to drink before taking the stage.

“This is honestly creepy behaviour to me. The security guy clearly knows what‘s up and got her out of there. Matt is looks like he pre-gamed a bit much,” they wrote.

“Now why they have to yank her like that,” another said.

One more said, “Why did security drag her like that? As if she kissed him and not the other way around.”

However, the woman he kissed, named Isabella, later took to social media herself to clarify that the kiss was consensual.

“On a real note I do want to state some facts before we get any farther, I had this on my phone because he mentioned at some point, ‘I can only make out with you,’” she wrote along with a picture that read “So we making out?”

“So I did this, he saw it and brought me up, HE ASKED before he kissed me! Also I’m a grown age of 24.”

It’s not the first time Healy’s behaviour has attracted criticism in recent months.

The rocker caused a stir online in October after launching a savage spray at Australian radio station Triple J.

It all kicked off after the station shared a seemingly innocuous Instagram post promoting the band’s upcoming Australian tour.

Healy responded by screenshotting the post for his own Instagram story, with the caption, “Play our music then before you start licking our a**e just cos you’ve finally realised we’re mint.”

In a comment beneath the original post, he added, “Yeah play our f***ing music then you muppets.”

But it didn’t stop there.

Taking his fury to Twitter, Healy continued, “You literally have nothing to do with us coming to Australia — don’t start getting involved now. You don’t have a monopoly on cool and the head of your company is a k**bhead so yous can f**k off.”

Followers were left confused by the surge of animosity towards the radio station.

“Why are your feathers so ruffled this early in the morning Matthew,” one wrote, while another echoed, “Why are you beefing with unknowns at 7am Matty.”

“Yes king I don’t know what that means pop off,” another weighed in.

The 1975 announced the Australian and New Zealand legs of their ‘At Their Very Best’ world tour this week, kicking off next April in Perth, before dates in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

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