Roxy Jacenko breaks silence over daughter Pixie’s Christmas list featuring $9000 handbag

Roxy Jacenko has hit back at critics who slammed her 11-year-old daughter’s “extravagant” Christmas wishlist – which includes a $9000 handbag.

The Sydney mum said the people who found issue with her daughter Pixie’s Christmas wishlist had “too much time on their hands”.

“Clothes and swimwear. Hardly unreasonable for a tween,” she told

“Ask any parent of a young lady of this age, you’ll find the list is somewhat the same.

“People have too much time on their hands.

The PR mogul shared her daughter Pixie’s handwritten wishlist to Instagram this week, where the tween noted what she wanted for Christmas this year.

The 11-year-old’s most desired gifts were separated into two categories – expensive and mid/cheap – and included a $9000 Goyard handbag, a $135 bikini set and Yeezy trainers which retail for around $600.

On the “cheaper” side, Pixie asked for Kim Kardashian ‘Skims’ soft lounge tank that sells for $70, a Tiger Mist ‘Tori’ dress for $40 and two Summer halter bikini tops that retail for $89 each.

“I’m so pleased Pixie Curtis has given options for various budgets,” PR mogul Roxy, 42, wrote alongside a picture of her daughter’s wishlist on Instagram.

“️Goyard bag also known as Goyer.”

She was quickly inundated with comments about Pixie’s Christmas list – with some stating the “expensive” list was “funny” and “cute”.

“Very sweet! The new thing is they send you links attached, very efficient,” said one.

“Skims and Yeezys! She watches too much of the Kardashians, hilarious list though” another wrote.

“Expensive taste that’s for sure, like mother like daughter.”

However others labelled the list as “gross” and “vapid” – with some even questioning Roxy’s parenting skills.

“A child who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing,” one wrote.

“Really sad that there seem to be no toys on the list,” another said.

“Why do you and these people feel the need to broadcast their material solutions to their inadequate parenting?” a third wrote.

“This child is a product of the selfish, materialistic and tone deaf nature that is her mum,” another wrote.

“Just sad. Vapid mum raises vapid daughter. Disgusting really.”

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